The objective for which the Company is established is as follows:

  1. To promote research and action in socio-ecological foundations of life-support system, enabling the human beings survival to live in peace with nature.
  2. To provide a platform for research and development relating to object of the company and in this regard:
    1. to make available key knowledge tools such as :
      1. a well equipped library;
      2. database and electronic connectivity; and
      3. Website for research publications and interaction.
    2. to undertake steps for promotion of research such as:
      1. to define and support research ;
      2. to encourage members to conduct research; and
      3. to participate in regional and international research initiatives;
    3. to undertake any activity for development such as;
      1. to arrange funding for supporting research; and
      2. to organize and set up of a think tank related to the objects of the company; and
    4. to provide a forum for participation of all concerned and to:
      1. solicit views vis-a-vis the objects of the company; and
      2. enable discussion/dialogue for promoting quality research.